Vector has a 100% Highshool Graduation Record with its participates

Congrats to Vectors Class of 2016 Graduates

The Vector Jiu-Jitsu program ( has 4 very special kids graduating high school this month. (in a district that only graduates 50%).

Troy Zack Darrell Marquez

We know 3 for sure are going to college and so the purpose of this secret group is to put together graduation "care packages" for them.

Troy and Zack are in particularly special because they were FOUNDING MEMBERS of Vector Jiu-Jitsu (walked in on the FIRST DAY of practice) and are the only ones to have spent ALL 4 YEARS of high school in the program.

If you (or anyone you know) would like to throw $10 or $20 toward some practical graduation gifts for these guys.... Please SECRETLY wink emoticon PayPal:


Click at the bottom of the website:

Help us spread the word....quietly (i.e. through Private Messages or invites to this group)

Thanks and we love you as always!!!

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