With over 900 different possible weight and experience combinations, the American Grappling Federation has you covered. Please take a moment to review the different weight classes and experience levels to find the division that is perfect for you.



Gi and No Gi Weight Divisions

Kids can easily fluctuate in weight over the course of a few weeks. Because of this, all kid competitors will be permitted a 1 lb allowance when weighing in for their matches. However, it is advised that if your child is close to the maximum weight limit, that you register them at a higher weight class to avoid disqualification.

All weigh ins are conducted without the gi.


Kids         Weight/Pounds


Light Rooster                45

Rooster                          55

Light Feather                65

Feather                          75

Light                               85

Middle                            95

Medium Heavy            105

Heavy                           115

Super Heavy               125

Ultra Heavy                 145

Super Ultra Heavy      146 +


Juveniles, Adults, Masters, and Seniors (Male)


Light Rooster         115

Rooster                   130

Light Feather         145

Feather                   160

Light                        175

Middle                     190

Medium Heavy       205

Heavy                      220

Super Heavy          235

Ultra Heavy            236 +

Open Class Any Weight


Juveniles, Adults, Masters and Seniors (Female)


Light Rooster        105

Light Feather        120

Feather                  135

Light                       150

Middle                    165

Medium Heavy      180

Heavy                     180 +

Open Class Any Weight





Gym Owners


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Sponsors and Vendors


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Age Groups

Kids (4-15)
Juvenile (16-17)
Adult (18+)
Masters (30+)
Seniors (40+)


Experience Levels



Kids – White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green

Juvenile / Adult / Masters / Seniors – White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black


No Gi

Kids – Novice (6 mos), Beginner (6 mos – 1 yr), Intermediate (1 – 2 yrs), Advanced (2 – 3 yrs), Pro (3 + yrs)

Juvenile / Adult / Masters – Beginner (1 yr), Intermediate (1 – 2 yrs), Advanced (2 – 4 yrs), Pro (4 + yrs)


2015 BJJ Tournaments

The dates listed below are confirmed events dates. they are not however, confirmed Vector attendance dates. 

We have quite a few tournaments that are tentatively scheduled, but not listed on this calendar. Please check this page frequently as new events will be added throughout the year.

If there is a city or state you would like the AGF to host a tournament. Please dont hesitate to contact them.


June 6, 2015Memphis BJJ Championships (Memphis, TN)
Registration Closed | Competitor List | Brackets


June 13, 2015Tulsa Open (Tulsa, OK)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets


June 27, 2015Atlanta BJJ Championships (Atlanta, GA)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets





August 1, 2015Jackson BJJ Championships (Jackson, MS)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets

August 8, 2015Oklahoma City Open (Norman, OK)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets

August 29, 2015Kansas City BJJ Championships (Kansas City, MO)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets



September 12, 2015St. Louis BJJ Championships (St. Louis, MO)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets



October 3, 2015Arkansas State BJJ Championships (Conway, AR)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets

October 10, 2015Florida Open (Orlando, FL)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets



November 7, 2015Dallas BJJ Championships (Dallas, TX)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets



December 12, 2015AGF Nationals (Tulsa, OK)
Register | Competitor List | Brackets

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