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Vector Jiu Jitsu is fortunate to receive tremendous cooperation and assistance from many groups and organizations. The following sponsors have made outstanding contributions to help Vector with its efforts for our youth. Links to their websites are included where they have been made available. We thank all of these organizations and all of those that we do not have listed here yet. You are all Appreciated  Beyond Words.


In 2001 James J. Sexton, Esq. founded Law Offices of James J. Sexton, P.C. in a small New City office with one computer and a part-time secretary. Since that time, Mr. Sexton's skills as an advocate and trial lawyer have grown the firm to its current status as a dominating force in the New York State divorce and family law bar. The firm continues to grow and thrive and is now proud to offer clients the support of multiple attorneys,
The firm is a fast paced and energetic environment and the firm's attorneys are known for their passion, hard work and dedication to their clients. Although the firm's practice is intentionally limited exclusively to divorce, family law and related matters, Mr. Sexton is proud to maintain a network of high skilled attorneys to whom he refers other legal matters such as personal injury, estate planning or criminal defense.
*In order to maintain the highest level of client confidence in such referrals, neither Mr. Sexton  nor any other attorney associated with his firm provides or accepts referral fees of any kind.

James J. Sexton, Esq
  • Shelter Insurance

  • 102 Town Square, Ste A

  • Brandon, MS 39042

  • 601-824-6003 (Office)

  • MCrews@ShelterInsurance.com  


  • 1355, State road 436 #3236

  • Casselburry - FL - 32707

  • Phone (516) 313-2016

  • Email: info@furiastore.com   


FURIA JIU-JITSU SPORTS was developed for JIU-JITSU ATHLETES and all those who practice the extreme modalities furiously.

FURIA JIU-JITSU SPORTS has strengthened over the years, embracing athletes of all types and ages. Many of our athletes relate to our brand because of its' name, and the way in which our products are developed. We are always looking to develop products of high QUALITY and lots of STYLE, we always try to launch products that please our ATHLETES.

The name FURIA is derived from Latin, we believe that the FURIA perfectly expresses what we see in you: AGGRESSIVENESS, RAGE, COURAGE, TALENT, DEDICATION, RESPECT, STRENGTH, SPIRIT, SOUL, etc.

Fight Family



The Fight Family brand is about the undiscovered genius that exists in every person.

Through the open sharing of information and the ability to view mistakes as opportunities to improve, there are no limits to potential. By valuing honesty, awareness, individualism, connectivity, and above all respect and empathy for others, we can create a culture and community designed to inspire growth and greatness. 

To be inclusive, transparent, and to attempt to do what all businesses should - bring value to everything we encounter - our staff, our customers, the community, the environment and our partners.

Be sure to check out the Mental Alchemy portion of the website,  

Students of the arts for life; we are one. 

DaFirma Kimono


DA FIRMA KIMONO COMPANY was created out of a love for what we all feel is the most pure martial art in the world.  If you are looking for kimono with that “bling-factor”………… we are NOT the right company for you.


From the inception of company our number one goal was TOP QUALITY construction fit, feel and value; we deliver all of that starting at $131 .00. Don’t be confused by the price, we would put our kimonos up against the best in the world.


We are DA FIRMA KIMONO COMPANY and our goal is to be the NEW classic and the NEW tradition in the Jiu-Jitsu world. We have gone over and above to make the best on the market, because you deserve the best.

Micheal Crews
  • Shelter Insurance

  • 102 Town Square, Ste A

  • Brandon, MS 39042

  • 601-824-6003 (Office)

  • MCrews@ShelterInsurance.com  

The Shelter Insurance® group of companies is a leader in the insurance industry, providing customers with exceptional insurance. Since opening our doors in 1946, we have become one of the most successful and financially sound regional insurance groups in the country. In 1986, we introduced an international reinsurance operation, specializing in reinsuring property around the world.


Our policy for customer satisfaction and overall success is simple: emphasize integrity, excellence, and a commitment to improvement. Our goal is to benefit our customers, our communities, our employees, and our agents. Our friendly, professional way of doing business has transformed us from a small company providing Missourians affordable car insurance into a leading corporation offering a variety of insurance products in 17 states.

  • Elite Demassified Recruits

  • PO Box  760369

  • San Antonio, Texas 78245

  • edr@consultant.com

  • office - 210-952-8165


At EDR, we will help you articulate your brand – give it a voice, a personality, a mission and a vision. Armed with a robust brand strategy, you will start to see your brand gaining mind-share and in turn market-share and turning strangers into loyal fans and customers.

Your brand is the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company. It’s what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. And while it includes your logo, your color palette and your slogan, these are only creative elements that convey your brand. In reality, your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market:

    • The images you convey

    • The messages you deliver on your website and in your sales materials

    • The way your employees interact with customers

    • A customer’s opinion of you versus your competition